Become a Certified Patient Centred Practitioner® in just 6 months!

Fast Track Your Certification

Designed specifically for experienced practitioners, this program will take you through the entire 3 phase CPCP certification process in just 6 months. Access to The Patient Centred Tribe and your initial RoF Review are included within the program (£879 when purchased separately).

This is designed with experienced practitioners in mind, who are already confident with their communication skills. New graduates and those who need additional help with their communication and case management skills are strongly advised to take the self-paced study option by joining The Patient Centred Tribe instead (see below).

Enrolment for the 2023/24 year has now closed.
Enrolment for the 2024/25 year is expected to open in Q2 of 2024.


Because every practitioner is different, there are no strict entry requirements. However, it is strongly recommended that you look at the syllabus below and consider how familiar you are with the concepts in the “HPP” sections.

Assuming you are familiar with 50% of the HPP content, you can expect to spend approximately one hour of self-study time per week.

You do not need any prior experience with The SOCIAL STYLE Model however, as it will be assumed this is new material for all Fast Track Candidates.

These will be recorded and sent to you afterwards, along with notes for the next webinar with the relevant handbooks.

There are 2 breaks scheduled as part of the program, and you will be able to catch up to recordings as needed. Additionally, you are not required to submit any coursework by a specific deadline. You can take as much time as needed after the final webinar to practice your skills before submitting your final assessment.

Phase 1 is assessed by a combination of online quizzes and logbooks detailing your application of the required skills. The logbooks are not graded, and assessed purely on a pass/fail basis. You can retake quizzes and resubmit logbook as many times as needed with no penalty.

Phase 2 is assessed by specific self-reflective assignments. These take the form of checklists and a brief workbook (don’t worry, there are no essays!). Like the Phase 1 logbooks, this is also assessed on a pass/fail basis with no grading.

Phase 3 is assessed by submission of a live video recording of a Report of Findings / Treatment Plan discussion (the “RoF Review”). You will be graded according to 4 specific criteria, and must achieve at least 80% in each criteria to pass. Your first assessment is included in the cost of the program, any re-sits that are required will require an additional fee (£97 for Tribe Members, £297 for non-members). You will be provided with examples of previous submissions along with their score and analysis, and will received detailed feedback on all submissions regardless of your score. Candidates attending the final 2 dates live will have the chance for a draft submission to be reviewed on the webinar (limited to 2 candidates).

Yes – after the program is completed, you can retain access to all Patient Centred Training learning materials and courses through your Tribe membership (£97 / month for regular practitioners, £15 / month for Certified practitioners). Membership is not required to maintain certification or in order to submit assignments, though members do benefit from the £200 discount on subsequent RoF Review resits if required.

Live Webinar Dates and Content (subject to change)