Free Video Training: “The Trust Equation”

No matter what techniques or treatment style you practice, your success (and your patients’ too) hinges on your ability to build trust. Research has shown that the level of trust you create in the first appointment is very difficult to change. When you’ve only got one shot, you need to make it count!

This video series goes through a simple yet powerful consent called “The Trust Equation”. Almost all practitioners unknowingly focus on just one side of this equation, ignoring the other half. Identifying which side needs your focus – and understanding how to improve it – will give you a fast yet powerful boost to your ability to build rapport and connection with your patients.

This means that when you do get to the RoF, they’ll already be much more onboard before they even hear your plan!

FREE Training: Level-Up Your Recommendations!

Take your patient recommendations to the next level with “The Trust Equation”:

Trust = Empathy + Authority