The Hero’s Journey Handbook

Create Your Personal Roadmap To Becoming The Best Chiropractor You Can Be!

Every find yourself feeling a bit lost, stuck or overwhelmed? It’s actually quite common in our career. One of Chiropractic’s greatest strengths – the freedom to create a practice that’s unique to you – can also be one of the greatest challenge. With so many options, how do you know where to start?

On top of that, it’s a career that requires you to become skilled in multiple overlapping areas: critical thinking, being good with your hands… oh and communication (cough cough ????). There’s a lot to focus on, and they’re all necessary. All too often this lead to “analysis paralysis”, a worsening of impostor syndrome, and over time a lack of meaning and passion – all of which increase the chance of burnout.

To help you overcome this, I’ve put together this guided workbook, based on Joseph Campbell’s “The Hero’s Journey”. It’s the exact process I take each team member through at least once per year, to get crystal clear on where they want to be going, and exactly what we need to do to get there. Whether your a new graduate struggling with overwhelm, or an experienced DC who’s “lost the spark” a little, setting aside a little bit of time to go through the prompts inside will pay off huge dividends. And most importantly, help you to become the best version of yourself possible!


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