Uncovering Your Patient’s TRUE Goals

Never accept “to be pain-free” as your patient’s goal again!

If there was one single component that mattered most to a patient-centred practice, it’s this – making your patients’ goal your goal. Without this, you’ll inevitably find yourself “pitching” your desired outcome to each and every patient.

The problem is, asking patients “What’s your goal for care?” never gives you the real answer. You’ll almost always get some variation of “to be out of pain”. But if you can dig deeper and discover “the answer behind the answer”, you’ll be able to build a deeper and more meaningful therapeutic alliance. 

And not only that, you’ll empower your patient to tap into a far greater store of motivation and commitment – meaning they’ll be much more likely to follow your advice and stick with the plan. 

This PDF guide contains 14 different questions specifically designed to uncover that true goal. I’ve deliberately gone overboard here – as little as 2 or 3 of these are all that you’ll need, but this way you can choose the ones that sound easiest for you, and be able to vary them for each patient. 

Armed with these specific questions, you’ll find out what’s most missing from your patient’s life – enabling you to show them how you’ll help them get it back.


Uncovering Your Patient’s TRUE Goals PDF