[The Hub] Your 5* Google Review Strategy

When it comes to online advertising, you can’t beat Google Reviews. Google is still the #1 place your prospective patients be searching for help on, and the return on investment for 5* reviews here is second to none. Not only are they free and permanent, but they’ll immediately boost your SEO ranking – which means more new patients!

Unfortunately, it’s not enough to simply wait for your patients to leave them. Even your happiest, most loyal and enthusiastic patients will almost never think to leave you a review unprompted. You need to actively ask for them – but you can’t just ask randomly. You need to know when to ask, but also a strategy to help ensure patients follow up on your request.

Pro Tip: The “Golden Visit” is the best time to ask for a review or referral. This is the visit when your patient comes in for the first time feeling exited and enthusiastic about having made meaningful progress towards their goals

How to use this resource:

  • Download your 5* Google Review Strategy Guide
  • Watch the video tutorial for additional advice and tips
  • Customise the email template to your practice (including the link to your Google Listing)
  • Decide which of the strategies to implement first
  • Discuss these with your team to ensure they’re all clear on exactly how to ask for reviews.

Downloadable Resource

The 5 Star Google Review Strategy Guide

Video tutorial

Q&A Call

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