Booking your Final Assessment

The third and final assessment in the CPCP Program is Report of Findings Review. For this assessment, you will submit a video recording of your recommendations conversation for analysis.

This video will be graded based on the 4 criteria used in your Phase 2 assignment:

  • Empathy
  • Authority
  • Clarity
  • Emotional Journey

After submitting the recording, you’ll get a detailed analysis of your recording and feedback on your performance. A grade of at least 4/5 in each of the 4 criteria is required to pass Phase 3 and receive your certification.

Submitting your review

  1. Click here to download the instructions for recording and submitting your review.
  2. Once you’re comfortable with the process for gaining consent, build a habit of asking every patient you can if you can record. Some will say no, but this way you can still choose one that shows you at your best.
  3. Use the checklist from Phase 2 to assess your performance. Then, review the example reviews below to see some real-world example and scores.
  4. When you are ready to submit, send the file to via WeTransfer or an alternative filesharing platform (Onedrive, Google Drive etc)
  5. You can schedule and pay for your assessment using the form below (there’s nothing for you to show up for, the booking just allows me to stagger assessments and dedicate enough time for each)

NB for non-English speaking practitioners – if you are not submitting your review in English, you will need to provide both the original recording and a second version that is dubbed and subtitled. Please contact me to arrange booking to discuss the details before booking, as additional fees may apply.

Scheduling your Assessment

The following Calendar is simply used to book your assessment.

There is no live component – you do not need to be available for the “appointment”. This is simply to ensure Reviews aren’t overbooked.