Some FAQ’s about the Professional Resilience Program…

When does the course start?

We’ll be kicking the program off together on Monday 11th March, with the first week’s content.

What format is the program?

The majority of the content will be on-demand videos released each week, though you will also be provided with downloadable worksheets and resources as well. There are no live or group components to the program, so you won’t have to share personal experiences or details with anyone.

How often is content released?

Every Monday for 5 weeks you’ll receive your next set of videos and activities. The amount of content included means that releasing it all in one go would overwhelm most folks, hence this will be paced over the 5 weeks. I’ll drop you an email when the content goes live each week too

How much will there be to do each week?

You can count on between 45-90 minutes of videos per week, plus additional tasks to complete. Because of the customisable nature of the program, how much you’ll be doing in addition to watching the content will vary person to person. Your 3X Framework resource will enable you to identify which tasks to start with for the fastest results, and when to move on to something new.

Just because new material is being released each week, that doesn’t mean you’re expected to have completed the last previous week’s tasks – in fact once you’re inside and see how the program is structured, you’ll quickly appreciate how impossible that would be!

Do I get lifetime access to the course?

Yes. Unlike other courses, this isn’t a “one-and-done” program – you’ll want to revisit much of the material several times over the coming months. That’s why you’re getting lifetime access included for no extra cost. You can work at whatever pace suits you best.

If I don’t enrol before the deadline, will this be available to purchase again in the future?

Honest answer… maybe, maybe not. This topic is a bit of a departure from my other work – and between seeing patients, running my clinics and coaching business, and quality time with my family, I’m not looking to add more to my plate. I might re-release it next year, or I might incorporate elements of it into my other programs instead. Either way, it almost certainly won’t be available for such a low price again 😉