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  • Mastering Any Course


    Online courses have a lot of advantages over traditional in person ones – they’re convenient, instantly available, and you can go back and review content at your leisure. But there’s one major disadvantage – it’s up to you to finish them! That’s why I created this mini-course, to help make sure you never let a…

  • Module 1: Crucial Concepts


    The Happy Patient Project: Module 1 of 4 Before diving into the specific skills, strategies and approaches to building trust and rapport with your patient, we need to start with the most important part… you! This module will take you through not just the core concepts and components we’ll be referring back to through the…

  • Module 2: Understanding Your Patient


    The Happy Patient Project: Module 2 of 4 Now that we’ve covered the Crucial Concepts and mindsets needed to deliver genuine patient-centred care, let’s dive in to the next phase – getting to know your patient. Obviously, the of the aims of the initial consultation is to reach a diagnosis and create a treatment plan….

  • Module 3: Ethical & Effective Explanations


    The Happy Patient Project: Module 3 of 4 This Module tackles one of the most critical (and highly anticipated) aspects of patient care: The Report of Findings. Now that you’ve done the work to truly understand who your patient is – beyond simple goal setting and expectations – you need to explain your treatment plan…

  • Module 4: Maximise Your Momentum


    The Happy Patient Project: Module 4 of 4 The Final Module of the Happy Patient Project, Module 4 picks up where most traditional “patient management” programs end – at the start of the treatment plan! Of course, building solid trust and delivering an inspirational Report of Findings is key. But focusing only on a great…

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    Professional Resilience

  • The Happy Patient Project (Full Access)


    Purchase all 4 Modules of The Happy Patient Project together and save 10%

  • The SOCIAL STYLE Model™ for Practitioners


    Currently exclusively available for members of The Patient Centred Tribe This course is your key to enhancing patient relationships, improving treatment adherence, and growing your practice. You’ll discover how to tailor your chiropractic care approach to match the unique social style of each patient, ensuring a strong rapport that leads to better treatment outcomes. Plus,…