Module 2: Understanding Your Patient




The Happy Patient Project: Module 2 of 4

Now that we’ve covered the Crucial Concepts and mindsets needed to deliver genuine patient-centred care, let’s dive in to the next phase – getting to know your patient.

Obviously, the of the aims of the initial consultation is to reach a diagnosis and create a treatment plan. However, an even more fundamental aim should be to get to know who you have in front of you. Otherwise, you’ll struggle to earn their trust – meaning they’re less likely to actually follow your plan!

Amongst other things, this module will reveal:

  • The “Transformational Vitals” – the essential things to know about your patient’s experience to earn their trust
  • A powerful Motivational Interviewing approach to building rapport with “OARS” Skills
  • How the Pre-Diagnosis demonstrates your expertise by “predicting the future”
  • How to uncover and head off unrealistic expectations at the start
  • The “12 Roadblocks” to Effective Communication, and how to avoid unintentionally hitting them

By the end of this module, not only will you be able to better understand each individual patient than ever before, you’ll be creating far deeper and more lasting trust with each and every one – before you’ve even reached the examination!