Module 4: Maximise Your Momentum




The Happy Patient Project: Module 4 of 4

The Final Module of the Happy Patient Project, Module 4 picks up where most traditional “patient management” programs end – at the start of the treatment plan! Of course, building solid trust and delivering an inspirational Report of Findings is key. But focusing only on a great start isn’t enough. You need to ensure your patient “stays the course” and sticks with the plan to achieve their goals!

This module will ensure that you minimise the chance of early drop-offs, and continue to deliver first-class care to each and every patient. Meaning they get the best outcomes possible, and your practice thrives too!

Amongst other things, this module reveals:

  • How the Strategic Case Review allows you to identify and adapt to patients changing priorities, to ensure you don’t drift apart as they recover
  • Key strategies for handling difficult situations and talkative patients
  • The MAINTAIN Tool – a game changing new resource to finally allow you to deliver patient-centred maintenance care