The SOCIAL STYLE Model™ for Practitioners




Currently exclusively available for members of The Patient Centred Tribe

This course is your key to enhancing patient relationships, improving treatment adherence, and growing your practice. You’ll discover how to tailor your chiropractic care approach to match the unique social style of each patient, ensuring a strong rapport that leads to better treatment outcomes. Plus, we’ll delve into the art of becoming a versatile practitioner, enabling you to connect with patients from all walks of life effortlessly.

The benefits are clear: You’ll build stronger rapport, resulting in improved patient results and loyalty to their treatment plans. This, in turn, helps your practice thrive. Additionally, you’ll gain valuable insights into handling patients who might seem challenging due to differing social styles, all while enhancing your own patient interactions.

Here’s just some of what’s you’ll uncover in this course:

  • Why “The Platinum Rule” beats the Gold Rule when it comes to being truly patient centred
  • The 2 key attributes needed to discover your patients Social Style
  • How understanding your own style explains why some patients are easier to understand than others
  • How to adapt every step of the patient journey to each particular Style: From the History and Exam, through the Report of Findings, to treatment itself
  • Why “Versatility” is the hallmark of an expert practitioner, and personalised steps to improve yours