Is practice becoming a bit of a grind?

  • Ever find yourself worrying that patients feel you’re “selling” to them?
  • Do you struggle to get them to see you as more than just an expensive painkiller?
  • Perhaps you just find yourself turning up to practice day after day, going through the motions, but slowly losing the spark?

If so, you’re not alone – many ethical practitioners face these exact same problems, day after day in practice.

Not only are they frustrating to deal with, but over time they can cause chronic frustration, impostor syndrome and even burnout.

Too many honest, decent, caring clinicians are stepping back form practice – or leaving all together – because they’re stuck in what’s known as the Transactional Model of care.

This doesn’t only affect you – causing unnecessary stress, anxiety and fatigue – but it impacts your patients too!

Transactional Relationships lead to patients questioning your treatment plan, not following your advice, and limiting the trust they’re willing to put in you.

All of which increase the odds that they’ll either fail to stick to your plan, or drop out from care prematurely – meaning they don’t get the results they deserve either!

Fortunately, there is a better way…

Discovering how to break out of the old, outdated model – and into a new, exciting, and empowering approach known as the “Transformational Model of Care”

… you’ll not only reinvigorate and bring joy back into your career…

… your patients will be more empowered and grateful than ever…

… meaning they get the best results possible for your care, and enthusiastically review and refer others!

Instead you simply offer them your care in an unattached and authentic manner – one that inspires deep and genuine confidence from your patients, and feels authentic and 100% comfortable to you.

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