Value Based Care - The Future of Patient-Centred Chiropractic

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I'm aware this isn't 3 simple reflections and may be abit incorrect but it's a conversion I've just had with my partner about her disco fancy dress outfit for her birthday party; Her: Dane have a look at this wig! I love it! Mirroring: You love it? Her: Yea I think I look like Foxy Cleopatra Simple Reflection: Looking like Beyonce is always good Her: I'm unsure of this top though I think it's abit baggy Simple Reflection: The top could be abit big Her: Yea I might keep the wig and get a different size top Complex Reflection: So with the outfit overall you love the wig, and on the other hand you're unsure about the tops fit? Her: Yes exactly

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Praise for The Happy Patient Project:

Chris presents these very important topics so well. Thorough and very well thought through whilst still entertaining, with lots of stories to keep you focused on the patients - and to cement the new knowledge in your head... These ideas are a must for any clinician - regardless of your way of practising.

Ulrik Sandstrom

Chiropractor, Educator

CEO Sandstrom Seminars

Co-Founder of The Learning Collective

I really enjoyed this course... It is making a huge difference when working with "difficult" patients, overall retention, and gave me a much better understanding of what it means to be a patient-centred practitioner. Chris gives very easy to follow, practical advice which you can start implementing right away. Highly recommend!

Veneta Vanicek DC

Chiropractor, BackWorks Clinic

I just want to say how brilliant it is, and how much I recommend it - it's really helped me to enhance and finesse my conversations around treatment plans, Report of Findings, and maintenance. 

I feel I can do it in a more confident way, a better way, a more patient-centred way... Definitely do it, you're going to get so much from it! 

Rosie Piercy

Chiropractor & Owner, Total Health West Berkshire

Owner, The Practice Builders Community