The Future of Chiropractic: Discover how Value-Based Care is the key to ethical practice success and ending the "New Patient Chase”

If you want to build a thriving and ethical chiropractic practice, then listen up...

PSA - stop believing that more new patients is the key to success.

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This common advice may work briefly but will always ultimately lead to stress, expensive marketing, and burnout.

  • Ever wondered how some DC's seem to have all the patients they need, whilst other (often better qualified) ones struggle just to get by?
  • Have you ever asked yourself why your patients don't seem to value your care and expertise?
  • Find yourself feeling torn between putting your patients first, or having a financially successful career?

Hi, I'm Chris, a fellow chiropractor. And back in 2015, that was me. Despite knowing I was offering quality, evidence-based care, practice was a struggle. 

I loved working with my patients, but hated the things I was doing to bring them in.

I was getting up at 5am to go to breakfast networking meetings, and found myself asking my patients cringey questions like:

“Who else do you know who could benefit from chiropractic care?” 

... *sigh* 

Even worse, despite knowing I'd never be the kind of chiropractor who would put my wallet before my patients, I still entered every RoF with a knot in my stomach – worried they'd think I was “selling” to them. On the surface I looked like I was doing alright. But underneath, I was anxious, losing the passion, and on my way to burnout.

As a result, I'd begun chasing the newest treatment tools & techniques, collecting certifications in the hope that I'd finally be “good enough” to have a steady stream of new patients coming to me. Every time I'd return to practice Monday morning on a high... but by Friday (or sometimes Tuesday!) afternoon I was back where I'd started.

Then I discovered something...

We can have a practice that both meets our financial goals and gives our patients the care they deserve! But in order to do that, we need to stop focusing on social media marketing strategies and shiny new techniques, and start delivering “Value Based Care”. This approach has helped me and many other DC's since escape the "New Patient Chase" mindset and build waitlists of enthusiastic, loyal, perfect-fit patients. As one client put it:

“I've rediscovered my why, and fallen back in love with chiropractic again!”

So if you're ready to say goodbye to outdated tactics, crazy marketing overheads, and “selling” your care, then click below to sign up for my 16-minute mini-webinar. I'll share with you this unique, patient-centred approach to creating the thriving practice you dreamed of when you first decided to become a chiropractor.

In short, you’ll become a more effective, fulfilled and successful DC!

So who am I?

I help Chiropractors get better results through honest, ethical and effective communication. I've been training colleagues since 2013, both with the Royal College of Chiropractors Specialist Pain Faculty, and independent seminars throughout the UK.

I've spoken internationally on communication skills and patient-centred care. I'm currently the Lead Tutor for the Royal College's South-East Faculty, a guest lecturer at London South Bank University, and recently collaborated with the Royal College in the development of their new Communication Practice Standards. I was the recipient of the British Chiropractic Chiropractic Associations "Chiropractors Chiropractor" Award in 2022. 

In 2017 I launched Patient Centred Training to provide more educational opportunities for colleagues. Since then I've gone on to train over 200 of DC's to effectively connect and build trust with their patients.

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Stepehn Hulme DC

The best chiropractic communication - wish this was taught in college! Significantly improved patient satisfaction and ease of patient care. Thank you so much Chris!

Maria Laoudikou DC

I have been mentored by Chris for a couple of years now. What I found very important is that everything he teaches can be put in practice straight away. His courses made a huge difference on my patient retention and outcomes. Couldn't recommended him enough!

Sam Glynn DC

I'm using this stuff every single day with every single patient. Huge, huge value for money... some of the best value CPD you'll do!