Elevate Your Chiropractic Career with this Exclusive Certification Program

Welcome to the Certified Patient-Centred Practitioner® Program – a cutting edge approach that empowers practitioners to deliver a unique and proven patient experience: one that you’ll love to deliver, and patients love to receive!

Not only that, but Certified practitioners enjoy more successful practices, full of grateful and enthusiastic patients who can’t wait to tell others about you. Better outcomes, more referrals, and more fun!

Enrolment for 2024 has now closed

Please check back for future updates on the next cohort

I actually have fun giving a RoF now!

Before starting the CPCP program, I felt I wasn’t able to properly communicate what and why I was doing my treatments, and would dread giving a RoF.

There is so much value packed into the program, and Chris is a phenomenal coach! 

Since putting these skills into practice, patients leave with a much better understanding of how chiropractic can help them and they definitely improve their commitment to the treatment plan and likeliness to refer a friend. And I actually have fun giving a RoF now!
Carly Zuehlke DC CCSP MS
Owner of The Movement Recipe, The Netherlands

You’ll feel great about your recommendations!

I never used to like doing RoF’s – I always felt like I was trying to convince the patient, and had “impostor” syndrome. Although I was a bit worried that this course would be the same advice I’d heard before, I actually enjoy doing a RoF now!

Plus patients are much happier having a detailed plan moving forward, which means better retention/results and reviews. 

If you have any doubts or insecurities about communicating with new patients, then this is the course for you – you’ll be much more confident and you will feel great about the recommendations you give patients.”
Al Gunderson DC
Owner of Key City Chiro, USA

Key Benefits

Become a Trusted Expert

  • Gain the skills and knowledge to become a sought-after chiropractor known for putting patients first.
  • Build trust with your patients, leading to better outcomes and more organic referrals.

Elevate Your Clinical Skills

  • Receive in-depth training on the latest patient-centred care strategies and approaches.
  • Learn how to effectively communicate with your patients, ensuring they understand and participate in their own recovery.

Grow your Practice

  • Attract more patients seeking a patient-focused chiropractic experience.
  • Increase practice sustainability and demand for your services with an enhanced reputation.

Exclusive Certification

  • Be part of an elite group of chiropractors who are Certified Patient-Centred Practitioners.
  • Set yourself apart in a competitive market and gain the recognition you deserve.

Ongoing Personal Support

  • Access to a community of like-minded practitioners for networking, collaboration, and support.
  • Stay updated with the latest industry trends and best practices through our resources, live calls and 1-2-1 support.

And coming soon…

A listing on our exclusive membership database and “Certified Practitioner Map” (with information for potential patients and associates)

What’s included?

Value: £1397

Module 1: Crucial Concepts

  • The 4 Key Pillars to providing genuinely patient centred care, and avoiding the trap of “patient centred lite” by using the all new 3AC Model
  • How the “Trust Equation” creates rapid and lasting rapport with every patient
  • AVOID tired conventional wisdom and other flawed techniques that sabotage your (and your patients!) success and outcomes

Module 2: Understand your Patient

  • The 12 Subconscious “Roadblocks” you must avoid when listening to their presenting complaint (some of these will surprise you!)
  • The quickest and most effective Motivational Interviewing methods that prove to your patients how well you understand them
  • Discovering hidden hopes, dreams, AND potential barriers to recovery within your patients

Module 3: Ethical & Effective Explanations

  • The “Pre-Diagnosis” method that instantly positions you as a highly knowledgeable expert, before you even assess them!
  • Take patients through the 5 Key Emotional Phases of an empathic and personalised Report of Findings (Most DC’s have no idea how to do this!)
  • Empower patient to commit to their active care and recovery, without resorting to persuasion or coercion

Module 4: Maximising Momentum

  • The key moments most practitioners “drop the ball” and lose patients after their first few visits (and how to avoid them!)
  • The MAINTAIN Instrument – the little known tool that allows you to offer Patient Centred Maintenance Care (the ethical alternative to “selling”)
  • Specific strategies for handling difficult situations and talkative patients with ease


Value: £297

Unlike many other approaches, this model is simple enough to use in the clinical setting, whilst still creating powerful results for you and your patients!

The benefits are clear: You’ll build stronger rapport, resulting in improved patient results and loyalty to their treatment plans. This, in turn, helps your practice thrive. Additionally, you’ll gain valuable insights into handling patients who might seem challenging due to differing social styles, all while enhancing your own patient interactions.

Here’s just some of what’s you’ll uncover in this course:

  • Why “The Platinum Rule” beats the Golden Rule when it comes to being truly patient centred
  • The 2 key attributes to look for, to reveal your patients SOCIAL STYLE™
  • How understanding your own Style explains why some patients are more “difficult” than others
  • Why “Versatility” is the hallmark of an expert communicator, and a personalised route to get you there
  • How to adapt every single step of your patient journey to each of the 4 specific Style: From the Case History and Examination, through the Report of Findings, to regular treatment sessions themselves.

The SOCIAL STYLE™ Model has over 40 years of Research and Development backing it up. However, this is the only course in existence designed for the specific needs of Chiropractors – you won’t find this material anywhere else!

Value: £197 x 10

Value: £147/month

Get exclusive access to me every month for any questions, cases or scenarios you’d like help with. Join me live for a discussion, or submit them in advance and catch up on the recording. Enrolment is not limited to 6 months – access for all future Q&A calls is included in the program indefinitely. So you never need to feel stuck or alone again!

Why choose this program?

  • The only certification program to focus specifically on ethical patient management and communication skills for chiropractors.
  • Flexible online learning options to accommodate your busy schedule.
  • Practical, real-world insights and case studies.
  • A comprehensive yet accessible structure, designed to create lasting change and skill retention.
  • Led by an experienced chiropractic expert with a proven track record in education and patient-centered care.

Plus, here’s just a handful of some of the additional bonuses included…

Personal RoF Analysis

Value: £297

Full Course Manual

Value: £297

Mastering Any Course

Value: £147

Handbooks for All Courses

Value: £197

The 5* Google Review Strategy

Value: £147

Track Your Patient Outcomes

Value: £147

Get started today and save £4775

Enrolment for 2024 has now closed

Please check back for future updates on the next cohort

Dr Hedd Piper

“Completely and utterly recommend this course… it’s not about teaching you to sell or pressuring patients into treatment – what you’ll learn is how to form better relationships with them, to follow your expert advice… And it’s fun!”

Dr Nadine Hebdon

“It’s given me a new perspective, and also for me to value my skills and my knowledge as a practitioner. I can thoroughly recommend Chris, and I know you’re going to get a lot of value working with him!

Dr Rosie Piercy

“I just want to saw how brilliant it is, and how much I recommend it… I don’t feel like I’m selling, I don’t feel like I’m convincing, I’m just saying what I think is right for my patient… You should definitely do it!”

How to get Started:

  1. Click the button to choose your preferred program option
  2. Enter your regular details for instant access
  3. Start enjoying better results, more referrals, and a more purposeful career!

Options & Pricing

Depending on your needs, there are 2 different levels available:

1. The Core Certification Program

The core program includes everything you need to become certified:

  • The Happy Patient Project course
  • The SOCIAL STYLE™ Model for Chiropractors
  • Your personal RoF Review and feedback
  • Access to all live webinars and Q&A calls
  • All bonuses listed above

The core program is designed to suit the needs of the majority of busy practitioners, and includes lifetime access.


6 monthly payments of £277, or a single payment of £1497 (save £165)

Currently Unavailable

2. Core Program + 1-2-1 coaching

For those who prefer the additional support and accountability of working with me on in individual basis, there are a select handful of email 1-2-1 coaching spots available for certification.

As well as everything the core program includes, you also get 6 months of personal support and feedback from me

Rather than scheduling time-consuming (and often inefficient) regular video calls, coaching takes place via email and Whatsapp text/voice messages. That way you get all the benefit of regular contact and daily support, without the inconvenience of blocking out large chunks in your schedule.

NB Both options include the exact same content – only the personal coaching is added.


6 monthly payments of £747, or a single payment of £3997 (save £485)

Currently Unavailable

2024 Enrolment has now closed


No! Whilst there is always the option to update your certification in the future, this will never be mandatory. Certification doesn’t expire and lasts a lifetime!

The live webinars of the core program itself is delivered over 6 months, though some members need an extra couple of months afterwards to prepare for the final assessment. There is no deadline for submission however, so you can take as long as you need.

No – this isn’t one of those courses that gets taken away from you after a few months. Even after becoming certified, many members find it useful to return to certain sections and refresh their memory, and it’s important that there aren’t any barriers to that.

Unlike other certification programs, the Certified Patient-Centred Practitioner® Program is designed to ensure you actually implement and master the involved skills – not just “watch these videos and answer these easy MCQs”. The result is a much more meaningful and effective learning experience for you, and much better results for your patients and your practice.!

There are 3 phases to certification, and the live webinars will take you through the entire process over 6 months.

Phase 1: Implementation

This phase consists of the on-demand content included in the program, and is designed to familiarise you with the involved skills and techniques, and get you started using them in clinic. You will be assessed by a combination of quizzes and brief handbooks.

The handbooks should sit on your desk during the day in clinic, and to be filled out briefly in between patients. The majority of entries will consist simply of logging when you utilised specific skills, with occasional reflections on how you found them. They are not long workbooks that need to be filled out in long chunks of time – they’ve been designed specifically with the busy practitioner in mind!

Phase 2: Proficiency

Once you have become familiar with the content of the program, your self-awareness and proficiency can be developed. This consists of a simple logbook and specific checklists that are used to reflect on audio recordings of a handful of appointments. The logbook and checklists are all that needs to be submitted, not any recordings – it’s recommended that you delete these after completing the logbook.

(The recording process is far easier than most suspect – I’ll show you the one simple phrase that grants you permission to audio record)

Phase 3: Mastery

Finally, your ability to communicate your recommendations both ethically and effectively is assessed via the “RoF Review”. You’ll submit a recording of a live Report of Findings conversation for analysis, and be given a detailed breakdown and score of how you performed.

Whilst a real patient RoF is recommended, you can submit a roleplay if you prefer.

To help you prepare, you’ll be given access to the recordings and analyses of previous RoF Reviews that past members have generously agreed to share.

The webinars will always take place on a Wednesday at 13:15 UK time, and last approximately 40 minutes. You can see the schedule for these below

The Live Q&A Calls take place once a month, alternating between Tuesdays & Wednesdays at 13:15 UK time. The schedule for these will be provided upon enrolment.

All webinars and calls are recorded and sent to members afterwards, and you can submit questions via email in advance. So you won’t miss out if you can’t make one.

Whilst you must be a qualified practitioner in order to become certified, students are still able to enrol in the course and access the content. Then, once practicing, they are eligible to start completing the assignments and assessment for certification.

Certification is currently only available for licensed Chiropractors, Osteopaths, and Physiotherapists. Other professions are welcome to join the program to benefit from the content and courses included, however.

Yes! And rather than trying to re-sell newer versions to members like some coaches do, once you join any future updates will be automatically applied to you for free.

Joining the 1-2-1 mentoring means I treat you like “one of my own”, and you’ll get top priority from me! The only caveat is that I’m also treating patients and running my own clinics myself, so at times might not be able to reply as quickly as I’d like to. As a bare minimum, you can expect me to reply to you within 24 hours (apart from weekends), though it will often be much quicker than that.

When you choose to submit your RoF for analysis is completely up to you. That said, it does from part of the final assessment for certification. Members get an additional 50% discount on subsequent RoF Reviews however, so you can purchase additional ones for just £147 instead of the regular price of £297. If resits are required in order to become certified, these cost just £97 (resits include video analysis but not the PDF report).