Elevate Your Chiropractic Career with Our Exclusive Certification Program

Welcome to the Certified Patient-Centered Practitioner Program, where we empower chiropractors like you to take your practice to the next level. This comprehensive certification is designed to transform you into a trusted healthcare professional who puts the patient at the heart of everything you do.

Key Benefits

Become a Trusted Expert

  • Gain the skills and knowledge to become a sought-after chiropractor known for putting patients first.
  • Build trust with your patients, leading to better outcomes and more organic referrals.

Elevate Your Clinical Skills

  • Receive in-depth training on the latest patient-centred care strategies and approaches.
  • Learn how to effectively communicate with your patients, ensuring they understand and participate in their own recovery.

Grow your Practice

  • Attract more patients seeking a patient-focused chiropractic experience.
  • Increase practice sustainability and demand for your services with an enhanced reputation.

Exclusive Certification

  • Be part of an elite group of chiropractors who are Certified Patient-Centred Practitioners.
  • Set yourself apart in a competitive market and gain the recognition you deserve.

Ongoing Personal Support

  • Access to a community of like-minded practitioners for networking, collaboration, and support.
  • Stay updated with the latest industry trends and best practices through our resources, live calls and 1-2-1 support.

And coming soon…

A listing on our exclusive membership database and “Certified Practitioner Map” (with information for potential patients and associates)

So how does it work?

The CPCP program is broken down into 3 distinct phases. Each phase builds on the last, taking you from understanding the involved skills to truly mastering them.

Phase 1: Competency

  • Comprising two online courses: “The Happy Patient Project” and “The Social Style Model for Practitioners.”
  • Completion requires passing an online quiz and submitting completed logbooks.

Estimated duration: 4-6 months

Phase 2: Proficiency

  • Involves a structured self-assessment process.
  • Candidates reflect on audio recordings of patient encounters, critically appraise their strengths and weaknesses, and create a plan for improvement.

Estimated duration: 2-4 months

Phase 3: Mastery

  • Candidates submit a video recording of a Report of Findings or treatment plan discussion with a patient for assessment.
  • Discussions are appraised in four specific areas, and a detailed analysis of their results is provided.

Estimated duration: 2-3 months

Why choose this program?

  • The only certification program to focus specifically on ethical patient management and communication skills.
  • Flexible online learning options to accommodate your busy schedule.
  • Practical, real-world insights and case studies.
  • A comprehensive yet accessible structure, designed to create lasting change and skill retention.
  • Led by an experienced chiropractic expert with a proven track record in education and patient-centered care.

Enrolment for the 2024 cohort opens in May, please check back nearer the time for full details

In the meantime, stand-alone Phase 3 RoF Assessments are available to purchase here.


No! Whilst there is the option to update your certification in the future, this will never be mandatory. Certification doesn’t expire and lasts a lifetime!

This will depend largely on the time you can commit, ability, and your level of experience. But assuming you consistently set aside one hour per week of study time, recent graduates (0-3 years in practice) can expect to complete all 3 Phases within a year.

Experienced practitioners can expect to take 8-9 months within The Tribe. Alternatively they are eligible for the Certification Fast Track option, which takes place over 6 months.

No. Tribe members taking the self-study option can take as long as they need to complete the program. Fast Track members do not need to complete all 3 phases within the 6 month period either, and can submit assessments after the program ends. They will also have the option to join The Tribe after the fast track ends, if they would like more time to review the Phase 1 content.

Yes – once you’re a fully fledged Certified Patient Centred Practitioner┬«, you’ll be eligible for a huge 80% discount off your membership with The Tribe. So you can retain all of the membership benefits at a fraction of the cost!

The Self Paced certification is available to members of The Patient Centred Tribe, our membership platform. This includes all the required content for certification, along with additional resources to help practitioners better connect with their patients. Membership is on a rolling monthly basis with no long term contracts. This option is suitable for all practitioners, no matter your level of experience, and you’ll benefit from 50% discount on your final Phase 3 assessment. You can find out more information and get started here

The Fats Track is designed specifically with experienced practitioners in mind. It’s a 6 month group coaching program, that’s delivered over a series of live webinars that summarize the content. Meaning you don’t have to waste time watching content you’re already familiar with, but can dip into The Tribe as needed for any concepts that you haven’t come across before. It’s a customisable experience designed to address a range of different learning needs.

Your first Phase 3 RoF Assessment is also included with the Fast Track Program. The program is only open for enrolment 1-2 times per year, you can get the details and find out the next enrolment date here.

No, you must be a qualified practitioner to undertake certification. However, we anticipate launching a student membership option for The Tribe in 2024, allowing prospective practitioners to access the content and learning resources in advance of graduation.

Certification is currently only available for registered Chiropractors, Osteopaths, and Physiotherapists. Other professions are welcome to join The Patient Centred Tribe to benefit from the content and courses included.

The Courses and resources are only available to those with an active Patient Centred Tribe membership. However, once certified you’ll be eligible for an 80% discount on your membership.

Alternatively, you can purchase indefinite access to individual courses / modules here.