As well as coaching and consulting with colleagues, I’m still a practicing chiropractor with 2 busy clinics. Which means that over the years, I’ve tried, tested and assessed a lot of different products & services. But working in the coaching industry means I know all the clever tricks and gimmicks many companies & gurus use to try and get your money.

This page has my top recommendations for various tools, services and consultants I have personally used myself, and can vouch for. No-one gets to buy or bribe their way onto this list – these are recommendations I have tested and stand behind. But full disclosure – some links are affiliate links, which just means that if you click and buy, I’ll get a small commission at no cost to you.

Dynamic Disc Designs

I’ll be honest, I was pretty down on spine models before I came across these. I never liked the static nature and how they were often used to scare patients into treatment. Then I got my hands on one of these. They’re a completely different beast – they move and change just like real tissues, and allow you to give patients a much better understanding of what’s happening in their body without automatically triggering fear & yellow-flags. I regularly use mine in clinic now.

Good Mental Health Online Clinic

Your patient’s mental health can have a huge impact on their recovery. But actually discussing it with them is another matter. On the one hand, we’re obviously not psychotherapists, and there’s clear dangers to stepping outside our lane here. On the other, just saying “what you thought about therapy?” doesn’t always go down so well either. This is where the Good Mental Health Online Clinic can help – it allows you to offer all of your patients free access to a wealth of resources mini-courses on various topics related to their emotional wellbeing. Best of all, it’s just a one-off fee for you. It does the heavy lifting for you, and allows you to better help your patients without doing all the hard work yourself.

Quadrant Analysis (available from The Practice Mechanics) 

It’s an overused phrase, but Quadrant Analysis was a literal paradigm shift for my practice. It’s made a bigger difference to how I approach assessment and diagnosis, and provided countless “breakthroughs” with patients I otherwise wouldn’t have been able to help. It’s not a technique system, and doesn’t tell you exactly what to do – it’s more a “thought framework” that allows you to not just determine your patients mechanical issues, but also the types of approaches that are more likely to help. It also gives you a simple yet effective way to prioritize specific dysfunctions and understand which pens are more likely to be the “villain” rather than the “victim”. No matter your tools, techniques, or discipline, you can plug your existing skills into Quadrant Analysis and start using it right away. Right now you can get all QA material for just $29/month from The Practice Mechanics

Rosie Piercy (Business Coach)

Rosie and I have worked together on multiple projects over the years, but I’ve also enlisted her help when running my own practice as well, and it’s been invaluable. She brings a rare combination of solid business advice and strategy, alongside an understanding of the mental and emotional demands of running your own practice. Her speciality is simplifying your practice, so that it runs smoothly for you instead of taking up all of your time and energy. She’s also an excellent, ethical and patient-centred practitioner herself, so you don’t need to worry about being pushed to choose money over patient care.

The Academy of Chiropractic Nutrition

Nutrition has always been an interest of mine, but it used to seem too challenging and complicated to really address effectively with patients. Fortunately, I joined the ACN a few years back. Simon breaks down complex topics into simple bite sized chunks, and focuses on the “low hanging fruit” – the simple changes that get fast results for minimal effort. He’s boiled down the huge topic of Functional Medicine, to deliver only the parts you need when working with nMSK patients. Since joining, nutrition has become an integral part of my practice, without me needing to dive into things like food plans or expensive nutritional testing (though he’ll show you how to do that if you like!).