When I started Patient Centred Training in 2017, one of my main motivations was to help others. Generosity has always been one of my core values, so I knew I wanted to make that part of PCT’s ethos too. Initially, that started with colleagues – helping them to better connect with their patients, and in turn helping their patients as well.

What is Giving Back?

Giving back is a brilliant scheme with the” Buy1Give1″ Initiative that helps organisations support causes and charities around the world. It’s with their help that I’m incredibly proud to support Tony Hawks Centre in Moldova (the comedian, not the skateboarder). The work they do for children with special needs and disabilities is incredible, and so desperately needed. It’s also a cause with a personal connection for me (find out why in the video).

Why Moldova?

Moldova is one of the poorest countries in Europe, and children with disabilities and special needs are at far greater risk than in Western countries. Sadly, many are placed in woefully ill-equipped institutions or simply abandoned by their families. This is due in part to a lack of resources and funding, but also of social acceptance. For example, only 26% of Moldovans believe these children should be allowed to live in the community. Many are even legally prohibited from even attending school. The Tony Hawks Centre helps to prevent this and help these children live happier and healthier lives with their families.

Why this cause?

But here’s the best part…

Simply by investing in one of my courses, programs or services, you’ve already given back! Working with the Buy1Give1 Initiative, I’ve linked my business account to the Centre – meaning that every time someone purchases anything from PCT, some of the proceeds are used to buy a speech therapy session for a child at the centre. This is an incredibly important resource for these children, to help them communicate their needs and live more independent and fulfilling lives.

So whether that’s a RoF Review, a one-off course, or a regular Patient Centred Tribe membership, every purchase you make is improving the life of a child with special needs.

But it gets better… I wanted to link the success of my endeavours with the success of the Centre – beyond simply financial terms. This means that helping Patient Centred Training helps these children too. So now you can give back in even more ways, without it costing you a penny.

3 actions you can take right now to help more children

Leave a Review

Funds 1 Therapy Session

Every time someone leaves a recommendation on my Facebook page, a speech therapy session is automatically allocated to the Centre via Zapier.

Record a Testimonial

Funds 2 Therapy Sessions

When you record and send me a video testimonial (40-60 seconds is plenty!) for one of my programs or courses, you’ll fund an extra 2 speech therapy sessions.

Refer a Friend

Funds 3+ Therapy Sessions!

When you refer a friend for any service or course, tell them to let me know you sent them and I’ll fund an extra 3 sessions – and that’s in addition to their own contributions!

But most importantly… Thank You

Thank you for being part of a movement to help improve the lives of these children. Even if you can’t do any of those actions right now, simply by being here you’ve already made a difference. I couldn’t do what I do without colleagues like you. And I can’t express how much that means to us that we’ve been able to give back in this way.


Chris, Cassandra & Alexandra